Blogging again…

I started blogging two or three years ago, but that did not last long. Now I plan to start doing it again and this time I will not run out of things to say.

This blog will serve two different purposes. Firstly it will be my notebook about different things I’m trying out and/or investigating. The good thing about writing is, that in order to write about things you need to first organize the information in your head. So it’s a great learning tool.

Secondly this blog is about educating people. I work as a senior technical architect and I have a lot of colleagues working with the same tools and tehcnologies that I’m using myself. Some of those fellow developers old and wise in their ways and some still starting their careers. This blog will be my tool to share some of the good and the bad information with them (or with anyone interested in reading it…)

The phrase “Sharing is caring” is used a lot in the OfficeDev Pattern & Practises Community. I’m not sure about the caring-part, but I’ll try to do my best and share something with you through this blog. =)

PS. At the time of writing, the blog site is not yet nearly finished. It still lacks a way to find older posts and some other stuff as well. But since “shipping is a feature too”, I’ll start with this and add the missing parts later on.


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